Christmas Silverware Holders

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+ Decorate your cutlery with these adorable Santa holders
+ Super soft high quality fleece with great hand feeling
+ Enough space to place your silverware in when you are setting your table this Christmas
+ Fun addition to your casual family Christmas dinner with the family
+ Perfect size for so many more creative craft projects


Have you ever looked around the table at Christmas and thought it could do with some little extras? Well,worry no more! because with our Christmas hat cutlery holders you are sure to have something that decorate your table! Each hat has a little white pom-pom on top and you can put lots of little things in the hat portion and even use as a stocking stuffer. These little cute Santa hats are made of nice fabric so they look attractive, touch soft and durable use.

Theses silverware holder not only are good for table decoration but they are the suitable size for making other holiday displays and centerpieces, or some creative crafts. Looks super cute on a small Christmas tree if you tie a small ribbon around the ball of the hat and decorated it with these hats and candy canes for the kids. You can also use these cute Christmas hats to put little candy treats in for children to take home after dinner.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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