2-in-1 Brow Brush and Pencil, 1 Pencil

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+ Features a fluffy eyebrow spoolie brush to softly blend for a natural finish
+ Available in 4 different shades to match your natural color of brow
+ Creates hair stroke with its very thin pencil
+ Easy to apply and draw on skin
+ Very pigmented color


Get yours brows always on fleek with this 2-in-1 brow product! You don’t have to own a separate brow brush as this one already comes with its own brush that is gentle on your skin. Create a natural hair strokes with its thin pencil. Available in 4 different shades to match up your natural brow color. This can make your brow game strong!

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Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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