3D Waterproof Vinyl Decal Cat Stickers, 1 Sticker


3D Waterproof Vinyl Decal Cat Stickers, 1 Sticker


+ Lively and vivid adding carefree atmosphere to your home
+ Makes every wall insipid no more
+ Used adopted environmental protection PVC material
+ Water, moisture, and mildew proof
+ Perfect decoration for bathroom wall and toilet seat


$19.95 $6.00

$19.95 $6.00


Looking for something to decorate your home at the most economical way? Do you love cats? If your answer to both is YES then look no further because we bring you our vinyl cat stickers! Lively and cute cat designs, popular and classic for all bathroom walls, toilet seats and to some parts of your home even on some of your gadgets. Our stickers is probably your best choice and better not miss this fabulous item!

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Additional information

Weight0.04 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 0.5 in


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