360 Degree Self Wringing Mop

From: $28.68

+ Self Cleaning and Handwash free
+ Wet and dry dual function mop
+ Super water absorption
+ 360 Rotation mop head
+ Comes with extra microfiber pads


Say goodbye to the traditional hand washing mop, reducing bacterial growth. The wringer is a tight fit against the pad, so you just need to push-pull pole lightly, this microfiber squeeze mop head can let water wringed out from the mop head easily and quickly. NEWEST designed easy lazy mop provide hand wash free experience for you to get perfectly easy use feeling. Squeeze mop Poles are built with high strength stainless steel, durable and its mop shaft make force parts more reliable and flexible, the lengthening bar design is easy to clean the corner. Perfect for cleaning kitchen, living room, bathroom, ceiling, walls and other furniture. Stand upright storage, space saving & keep the flat mop dry naturally, prevent bacteria growth. The flat mop pad attaches to a durable swivel head that is able to pivot and turn to clean hard to reach surfaces just as easily as open floors. The lazy mop angles easily to reach underneath furniture, behind the toilet and into nooks and crannies; flat mop head makes it ideal for large floors or walls.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 25 in

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