Remove Mold Without Evacuation And Cut Labor Costs In Half. Tell Us Where To Send Your Sample & Remediation Procedures.

Follow Proven Procedures Used By IAQ Professionals and Treat With The Free Sample. It's Time To Pass Your Air Quality Test!

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Mold Removal Treatment

What you will receive

Stop spending a fortune in removing mold

You will receive industry proven remediation protocols fortune 500 companies are using right now to get rid of mold entirely without evacuating or spending a fortune.  Any equipment needed you will already have in your home or kitchen cabinet.

Access industrial hygienist inspection protocols for mold job-sites

99% of mold remediations are done incomplete, thus increasing labor costs. It’s understandable most people do not have understanding of an industrial hygienist. But now you will and the exact procedures they follow in every job-site!

Non toxic treatment remedies you can use tonight

You will receive access to remedies that cost less than a cup of coffee, are non toxic, field tested by industrial hygienist and are used by mold remediation professionals, resorts, and health facilities

Receive a free sample to help you cut your cost immediately

Receive a complimentary mold removal encapsulate and witness the power of a natural formulation that breaks apart the DNA of mold . Removing mold stains and odors. With one treatment it will save you $1000’s in labor costs and you do not need to evacuate, no matter how bad the amplification of mold.

This formula is what mold professionals use to ensure they pass mold clearance tests. The best thing is… they just treat surfaces once and no heavy scrubbing!

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No Risk. All Reward.

You probably tried other mold treatments, Yet… you still have mold or high costs due to mold! Yep… that’s what our customers told us right before they thanked us for sending them these procedures and sample.

We know it works… and so will you after following the process and try your sample.

Treatment that works

Infusing wellness

Embarking on a journey to infuse wellness into the homes of every human being. Trekking across the globe learning from ancient tribes, discovering remedies from natural ingredients of the earth to fend off microbial amplification.

And this is how the Green Bean Buddy, Molderizer line came to be. Now a widely recognized mold remediation removes mold, and cuts labor cost without having to evacuate a large mold remediation project.

Field tested for resorts & health facilities

How it works

Naturally derived and bio-engineered to attack mold down the DNA, breaking it apart..

The first cycle, instantly attacks the DNA of mold spores forcing the spore to break apart.

Second, Molderizer begins bond to microbial amplification getting rid of those dark stains on any surface, including wood.

Lastly, each treatment leaves a clear residual to encapsulate surfaces thru DE-odorizing moldy smells that occur in most mold remediation projects..

No stains... no chemical smell.

Use Molderizer anywhere… It will not stain clothing, carpeting, or furniture as it’s a naturally derived formula and contains no chloride, acids or bleach. So your rooms will NOT smell like a chemical plant.

Child safe... pet safe... plant safe.

The formulation is bio-engineered from natural compounds so it will not harm children or pets. The product is used in hotels for hyper-sensitive guests. It also is used in dairy farms, zoo’s, and chicken farms where there are animals and livestock.

Easy to use... procedure booklet included.

While you simply aim and spray. You also will be receiving our downloadable mold remediation procedures to follow to assist you in inspecting and treating your mold project correctly. This procedure booklet was developed in collaboration with our Microbial Consultants, Inspectors, and Certified Mold Remediators. It’s your entirely free.

Start your treatment now.

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