Proven Homeopathic Lice Treatment

Guaranteed to get rid of body and head lice completely. Natural and absolutely NO PYRETHRIN.
Homeopathic for sensitive areas… No Worries!

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You probably tried other lice treatments, Yet… you still have lice! Yep… that’s what our customers told us right before they thanked us for sending them Lice Mist.

We know it works… and so will you after your first treatment.

Treatment that works

Infusing wellness

Embarking on a journey to infuse wellness into the homes of every human being. Trekking across the globe learning from ancient tribes, discovering remedies from natural ingredients of the earth to fend off pests.

And this is how the Green Bean Buddy, Lice Mist came to be. Now a widely recognized homeopathic head louse control product to not only kill lice, but also prevent lice with a unique residual.

Lab tested and used in schools & health facilities

Most over-the-counter treatment for lice are formulated with pyrethrin based and other toxic pesticides. These have not worked due to Lice pyrethrins immunities begin at a genetic level and become functioning at the next generations body chemistry. Our formulation prevent this from happening, unlike the other pyrethrin lice products on the market currently.

Proven Treatment

Current research is now proving that head lice have developed immunities to pyrethrin based products that render these products useless. You can clearly see this research from WebMD done by Southern Illinois University professor, showing lice have developed complete immunitiy to permetrhin based drugs in 25 states, including Texas, Illionois, Arizona, California, etc. “Permethrin products were introduced to U.S. consumers in the early ’90s,” Yoon said. “But the first registered problem was reported from Israel in 1995, probably because they had it in use even earlier. Then in 2000 we found genetic mutations causing resistance in head lice here.” — WebMD, Kyong Yoon Lead Study

How it works

  • Devastates Lice Evaporating Exo-Skeleton
  • Lice Die Thru Dramatic Dehydration
  • Bio-Engineered Polypeptide from Natural Oils
  • GRAS (Safe) Ingredients Labeled by EPA
  • 100% Safe for Humans, Pets, & Environment

The homeopathic formulation is derived specifically so lice are unable to avoid death from immunity, unlike pyrethrin as stated above by Kyong Yoon from WebMD.

Residual Pest Control

Easy home treatment

No Damage To Scalp or Hair and Easy To Use.

STEP 1: Mist Hair
STEP 2: Wait for Lice Mist To Dry
STEP 3: Comb Out Dead Lice & Eggs

Re-Treat Again On or Around 7 Days…
Just In Case

Homeopathic... does not damage scalp or hair

So many clients of ours had told us horror stories how other lice products have detrimentally destroyed their scalp and hair. This is also very common from Pyrethrin which is the usually pesticide used for head louse (Pediculus humans capittis) treatments.

After discovering this unique natural formulation it was clear that based on our 3rd party lab tests, EPA recommended ingredients, and the fact of using natural oils the product does not in any way have harmful pesticides which cause irritation or harm to your hair or scalp. 

So no worries, you have a homeopathic treatment safe for mommies, kids, and pets too.

Child safe... pet safe... plant safe.

The formulation is bio-engineered from natural oils so it will not harm children or pets. The product is used in schools and health facilities for hyper-sensitive guests. It also is used in dairy farms, zoo’s, and chicken farms to protect their animals from pests like mites, fleas, and ticks.

Easy to use... live chat support included.

While Lice Mist is easy to use, by misting the hair, wait, then comb out the lice, nymphs, and nits. We also know it’s a touchy subject to have lice. We have (3) expert consultants which are available to customers to discuss how to use Lice Mist and any support you would discreetly need. 

Our mission is to infuse wellness into your home and we are here to help.

Pest Control Procedures

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