Now more damages appear due to bed bugs. This time its from a lawsuit which costed Park La Brea apartments over $3.5 million, stated by a lawyer.

In Los Angeles the largest apartment complexes (4,000 units) had issues with bed bugs before the tenants moved in. This appears to be the cause of losing the case.

The bed bug complaints occurred from 2011 to 2013, but supposedly Virag management company of the complex knew since 2008 and nearly all the tenants moved out he stated.

Getting rid of bed bugs permanently is difficult due to external sources, but after a 11 month treatment study it is certainly possible.

Cased Judged by Sleeplessness & Anxiety

Supposedly, a similar lawsuit was won in Rancho Cucamonga in October due to the same reasons of sleeplessness and anxiety.

Now the Park La Brea apartments tenants were awared between $44,000 and $580,000 each.

More risk for multi-unit property owners

This is a devastating lawsuit which causes a huge amount of losses for property owners.

We will see this trend unfold as more California property owners appear to be losing lawsuits due to bed bugs. This whole change of trend is happening before our eyes. I believe the majority of hotels and multi-unit property owners sare pro-active in just learning how to keep these bed bugs away permanently. The challenge is the prevention treatment. This is due to external sources which tenants and property owners do not control.

Things like… people bring these bed bugs back home with them from public transportation or a doctors office. Even bringing in used furniture or purchases from a garage sale.

Residual treatment… something you can treat your property with now, then leaves a clear dry-residual to prevent future outbreaks.