It is that time of the year again! The year most fans have been waiting for… the Super Bowl! It is mostly expected that 65,000 people will gather at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. That’s sick!

I mean, you can get sick since health officials and medical professionals already made countless headlines, reports and warnings about how bad this year’s flu season is. Super Bowl is very rare that a lot of fans, healthy or sick will eventually make a way just to be there.

Event organizers of Super Bowl are already feeling the pressure as they need to do a lot of cleaning and disinfecting of the venue to make sure that the venue is completely sanitized in every corners.

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Come to the event ready...

Visitors to the event are highly encourage to be vaccinated before coming. Wash their hands with soap and water as much as possible. 

CDC reported that 1 in 15 doctor visits last week were all connected to flu. It is the highest level since the H1N1 flu pandemic of 2009.

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Common cold gone bad...

A mother of a 5 year old girl, is now grieving  for the loss of her daughter. She thought it is just a common cold, but the truth is, it is already a flu.

Image: Rebecca Hendricks / Mirror UK

Rebecca said that parents should go with their instincts when it comes to their sick child, and not to worry about “over-reacting”. Reported by Mirror UK

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25 dead from Flu in Georgia...

There are 25 confirmed death that is flu-related and over 671 people hospitalized due to flu. It has been designated as “widespread” across Georgia and local doctors are stressing how dangerous flu is.

Death from flu rises in South Carolina

As of January 20th, it is reported that 46 recorded death that is flu-related happened in South Carolina.  Though not all those death happened within the last week, those numbers started since last October when flu season began. It is significantly getting higher from last week.

Flu can be a very scary thing and a lot of people already experienced loosing someone they love from this scary epidemic. There are so many factors and a lot of place we can catch a flu but having a clean home by disinfecting your house can be a great start to fight this nasty flu away!
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