The human population across the world keeps growing and is predicted to skyrocket to 9.1 billion people by 2050. In order to keep all these people from starving we will have to increase our food supplies by 70%.

Have you noticed how much colder our winters have been over the past couple of years? This year alone it snowed in Florida more than  once and we are only in January 2018. Record winter temperatures are freezing tons of crops which will more than likely have a huge effect on the economy.

With the fear of food shortage on the rise, many people have looked into using indoor gardening &  hydroponics to grow vegetables with the correct amount of sunlight such as tomatoes and peppers.


Is Hydroponics The Key To A Sustainable Future?

With the looming threats of the shortage of food supplies across the world, people are starting to realize that they may benefit from growing  their own food supplies from home using indoor gardens. 

Previously the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation has predicted that the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050 and the world needs to produce 70 per cent more food to feed all these extra people.

But at a TEDGlobal event Arusha, Tanzania, Ms Menker said if you looked at the nutritional value of current food production instead, global food security was more tenuous than originally thought.

According to Quartz, Ms Menker believes the year 2023 will be the crossover point when we will no longer be able to produce enough food to feed a growing population.

Benefits To Indoor Gardening

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality
  2. Repel Unwanted Pests
  3. Grow Herbs & Vegetables Year Round

Plants improve air quality by absorbing gases and turning it into oxygen. They also increase humidity levels which promotes cleaner air for your family and your pets.

Bay leaves repels flies, mint repels rodents, lavender repels bed bugs. All of these can be grown in your home using indoor gardening and hydroponics techniques and at the same time most can be used in food recipes. Best part of all is that you can grow herbs and vegetables year round without the risk of losing your crops due to frigid temperatures. 

When food shortages go up to price of these items will go up as well. Are you prepared? Please voice your opinion by commenting below.