In hopes to help parents, children and friends we have reports of severe outbreaks of the flu in the past couple months. It is getting bad… so bad that more people are dying and hospitals are not able to take people in.

Death toll rising... Now hospitals turning folks away.

I know when you first hear this, it’s hard to comprehend or you may shrug it off. But hear me out, look at the stories below.

It’s frightening and getting worse as I am having dozens of insiders and staff at these locations telling us how bad it really is. Health facility and government affiliates have been over-whelming reserving flu sanitizing aerosols to treat surfaces and air borne viruses.

10yrs old... sadly died from flu

This story just hit home… we need to share this to make sure people are protecting themselves over this virus. 

Tents being setup for overcrowding hospitals

Every insider and hospital staff that reached out to us is saying the same thing…

It’s getting bad and we are bombarded with people and the flu. The medicine is not working and people are dying from this.

Now CDC reports death toll has doubled

Local facilities turning people away...

Local hospitals turning patients away… this is just one of multiple stories we are publishing. But our staff keep getting call ins about this stuff.

Help spread the word... and protect loved ones


This is a serious epidemic… please share this with friends and family. Below are suggestions to use what hospitals are using to sanitize and kill the flu virus.

If your not cool with using these items, then look for something that will kill the flu virus that is airborne and on surfaces. Our offices use this stuff and our team members use it. It works extremely well.

Protect yourself and loved ones

Our mission is to truly help everyone who someway interacts with us. Below are scientifically tested and EPA registered hospital grade products which are used by hospitals to keep this flu under control in their facilities.

Due to the outbreak of cases, we are putting flu sanitizing disinfectants up for sale to the public. Usually its only available to government and health facilities. We also discounted these items to make it affordable for everyone.

Tell us your thoughts... do you think flu shots really work?

A lot of our readers blame the flu shot claiming it does not work. What your thoughts, could you post your story and share with our readers and team.

Comment below…