Doctors were hoping that the flu related cases were at it’s peak but unfortunately the number of people who are experiencing flu related illness continues to climb.

The CDC responded with a statement that the amount of flu related outpatients reported cases in last week alone ending in January 13, 2018, increased dramatically. In fact, this was the worst it has been since 2009 – 2010.

Specialists urge that frequent hand washing, covering of your mouth during coughing, using hand sanitizing sprays or wipes to disinfect your home and work area, even in airplane seats, and other steps are extremely important due to how fast the flu is spreading..

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Dr. Fitzgerald said it is hard to know when the transmission will let up. “It appears that we are nearing the peak, but when the exact peak will be we certainly do not know.”

Exactly why the flu has struck so intensely in the past few weeks isn’t known, said Daniel Jernigan, director of the CDC’s influenza division. “Everybody seems to be getting influenza at the same time this year,” he said. Gatherings during the holidays, the cold weather or characteristics of this year’s dominant virus are possible factors, he said. “There are just a lot of issues that are a little hard to explain at this point, but we’ll be looking at that as the season goes on,” he said.

Protect Yourself & Your Family

As you can see, the flu keeps on spreading throughout the nation and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The flu can target anyone but it seems that that seniors ages 55-65 and children are at a greater risk.

Flu Like Symptoms To be Aware of.

  1. sore throat
  2. cough,
  3. fever 
  4. muscle aches

Although many people may not take these flu like symptoms seriously, they could be deadly for others not so fortunate. If possible, try to avoid contact with others that may have the flu, disinfect work areas and any type of alcohol based hand sanitizers with you so that you can wash your hands on a regular basis.

If you are experiencing any of these types of symptoms please call our doctor or physician to see what they recommend how you should handle it.

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