Imagine you take your kids to the movies for a great day of fun and all of the sudden your kids complain that they can’t stop itching? What would you do?

A Mother who wished to keep her identity private took her children to see the early showing of Paddington Bear at the Harkins Theatres at Christown Mall (Phoenix, Arizona).

Midway through the movie the children started itching. Once the movie was over is when the mother put 2 and 2 together and realized they we being attacked by bed bugs.

Luckily she realized what was going on before she made it home because once bed bugs get into your home it is extremely difficult to remove bed bugs from your home.

By the way, this isn’t the first time movie goers have complained about bed bugs while in the movie theater please watch below.

How Do I Check For Bed Bugs?

Although the woman did receive a full refund she stated that she will not be going to the movies anymore. Do you blame her?

Representatives of Harkins released this statement:

“After thorough professional investigation, we did not find any pest concerns. However, we continue to maintain robust maintenance systems and remain vigilant in our efforts to deliver Ultimate Moviegoing in all aspects of the cinema experience.” fox10phoenix

This is not just an isolated case and bed bugs are spreading like wild fires across the nation. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of and if you are wondering if you have bed bugs here are the best places in your home to check for them.

Places In Your Home To Inspect For Bed Bugs:

  1. Mattress & Boxsprings
  2. Couches & Chairs
  3. Dresser Drawers
  4. Electrical Wall Outlets

Evidence to Look For:

  1. Black Stains (Bed Bugs Feces)
  2.  Red Stains (Our Blood)
  3. Eggs (Looks Like Sesame Seeds)
  4. Bed Bug Exoskeletons (Shells)

Feel free to download this guide on how to inspect for bed bugs.

Please keep in mind if you go to any other establishments such as hotels, movies, restaurants and if you use any type of public transportation, you can always inspect for this type of evidence just to be sure you won’t take any bed bugs home with you.