Just thinking about bed bugs can make someone throw up and feel itchy. Bed bugs are common pest that is very hard to kill. Did you know that they already evolve and are now using their poop to make you sick? Yes, poop! 

Bed bugs now are scarier than ever! They infested a lot of schools and even homeless shelters, we lost count. If you haven’t seen a bed bug poop, these are the black and red stains mostly found on your bedding. Yes, that’s right! Those stains are actual poop! Nope, they are not blood, they are poop! Eekky!

Studies had been made and found out that chemical treated bed bugs are pooping histamines. That’s why it is important to use a bed bug spray that uses natural ingredients to avoid things like this. 

See how bed bug feces look like...

Before staying at a hotel or even your own mattress, don’t forget to check it for any sign of bed bug infestation.

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High level of histamine can make you sick

This would be the parting gift you will hate the most, to get you allergic to your own homes. A new study had been found that the waste of bed bugs can contain chemical that stays after these pests have been killed. Scientists form North Carolina State University said that histamine levels from bed bug poop can still be high for several months after a home has been professionally treated. “Bed bugs are typically regarded as a nuisance pest, with limited medical importance because they are not known to transmit diseases,” Zachary DeVries study author and post-doctoral entomology researcher at NC State, told Newsweek via e-mail. “Our findings begin to challenge this belief.”  

Woman died because of bed bug extermination

A family of a woman who died last year because of bed bug extermination is still grieving over their lost and want to sue the former landlord and the pest control company. The family are claiming that their mother died because of bed bug killing heat treatment that was done on her apartment.

Ashbaugh, 82, died from hyperthermia after entering their apartment she’d lived in with her husband for 13 years. It has been found that the unit had recently undergone a heat treatment that is used to kill bed bugs. The temperature was raised to above 139 degrees.

“Within a short time of re-entering the apartment both Elizabeth and William Ashbaugh began losing consciousness due to the unsafe elevated temperature,” the suit alleges. “An ambulance had to be called and both Elizabeth and William were rushed to the hospital. That evening… Elizabeth Ashbaugh passed away.”  

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Another woman set a fire because of bed bugs

It is very easy to do your own concoction of bed bug spray. The ingredients can easily be found with just few clicks from here and there. But a woman who tried to kill the bed bugs using alcohol set a fire that left 10 people without a home. 

It was reported that three people were sent to the hospital and several others got their homes eaten by fire after a woman accidentally started a fire inside the building while she was trying to kill bed bugs with alcohol.

National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky did a survey last 2015 and found out that bed bug infestations is continually getting higher in the United States. Bed bug infestations happened mostly in nursing homes, offices, schools and day care centers based on the survey.

Damaged property cause by bed bugs

DIY defenses to fight bed bugs have resulted in accidental first in the past just like what happened to a 13-year old Cincinnati boy who also uses alcohol to doused the insect then lighted a match that caused fire in his apartment building.

“This was accidental. He wasn’t in there just playing with matches,” District 3 Chief Marc Monahan told Fox 19 Cincinnati. “It wasn’t the smartest thing, obviously, but he was trying to get rid of a bed bug.”

Avoid these dangers using a residual bed bug spray...

Yes, you can avoid having a high level of histamine inside your own home and also avoid doing your own bed bug killer that can cause property damages by using a bed bug spray with residual treatment.

Bed bug spray with residual treatment can help you because this can immediately kill bed bugs and as days pass. You don’t have to drench your home. All you have to do is spot treatment the areas where bed bugs are hiding.

Not only that, Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray uses natural ingredients that is safe to use around you, your kids, pets and even livestock. The chance of having those bed bug poops release histamine inside your home would be very very low. Trust us!

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