As it gets colder it appears bed bugs are non-stop infesting more and more homes. This time it’s in Wichita City Hall. Reports are now coming in from Wichita police officers, that city workers are finding bed bugs on the fifth floor including their public relations division.

This becomes an issue as bed bugs once found in one location will migrate to another location very quickly.

You will see this rapid migration in condos and apartment buildings. While you may treat bed bugs in one area, it’s import to treat bed bugs entirely in the property.

Green Bean Buddy is happy to report that the treatment plan has been developed to get rid of the bed bugs using procedures drawn up similar to our bed bug treatment procedures.


Wichita City Hall is implementing a treatment currently. The treatment as every treatment should involve a non harmful pesticide to eradicate the bed bugs, but also a very important step is the residual treatment. This is not very common among bed bug treatments.

A residual is a clear barrier that is left on surfaces which will both kill bed bugs and protect and repel other bed bugs and nymphs from re-populating the areas.

Learn more about these residual bed bug treatments residual bed bug treatments if you are suffering from a bed bug infestation.