It’s a painful situation dealing with bed bugs. But… if your thinking of using alcohol to kill bed bugs you may want think again. Another horrific story surfaces that deals with alcohol, a young boy, bed bugs, and a family with no home.

In Cincinnati at around 11pm on Tuesday, emergency survices found a teenager whom wanted to permanently get rid of bed bugs decided to treat bed bugs with alcohol then lighting a match to destroy them. This caused the entire family to lose their home setting the house a blaze within minutes.

“This was accidental. He wasn’t in there just playing with matches. It wasn’t the smartest thing, obviously, but he was trying to get rid of a bed bug,” said District 3 Chief Marc Monahan. –

More blazes due to bed bugs

Another story broke in Gaston County, N.C. when the fire investigators believed bed bugs are to blame from a home which had bed bugs. Another alcohol approach to get rid of the bed bugs cause the home to be destroyed.

People have died after spraying their mattresses with insecticides and alcohol treatments. This is becoming an catastrophic epidemic and bed bug victims should consider alternatives to alcohol treatments and pesticides.

Should you use alcohol to kill bed bugs? hmmm... NO!

If you have a bed bug infestation then your probably asking… I tried everything to kill these things and even considered or have used alcohol to treat the infestation. It’s time you consider backing off the alcohol on the bed bugs. Sure a nice scotch or whiskey is fine for you to sip on the rocks, of course. But don’t think of using pure alcohol on your bed bug treatment.

Keeping bed bugs away permanently

It’s possible to get rid of the bed bug infestation entirely. Heck lots of folks are doing it. But it comes down to the treatment process and using something that is not going to set your home a blaze… and of course not harmful to you, your pets, or your home.

In summary, here is the process to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

  1. Inspection (find all the nooks and crannies where bed bugs hide)
  2. Treatment (Spot treat, don’t drench)
  3. Re-Treat Till Gone Entirely (re-infestations comes from external sources)

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