Imagine the excitement of finally being able to take  a family vacation to Hollywood, Florida to enjoy some fun, rest & relaxation. You arrive at your destination, put your suitcases down and start planning out everything you want to do during this vacation but all of the sudden something catches your eyes. Something is moving under the bed sheets.

This is the case for a family who booked an Airbnb home that was infested with bed bugs. The Airbnb is a hospitality service that rents or leases hotel rooms and vacation homes.

Unfortunately for this family they got more then they bargained for. Beautiful beach home, basically everything was upgraded, and when they pulled up the bed sheets the bed bugs were literally crawling all over the place.

The family reported the issue to the property manager and they brought over some bed bug sprays that weren’t effective. Bed bugs are becoming resistant to many pesticides so many home owners and pest control companies are turning to residual bed bug sprays to get rid of these nasty little pests.

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Toni George: “It was a nightmare. Everyone had to huddle in the living room for the duration of the vacation, and not only that, have bed bugs biting you for three nights.”

After the first night, the family says, the property manager showed up with two cans of bug spray.

But bed bugs are hard to get rid of, and the spray didn’t do the job.

Brittany George: “They were itching the entire time we were there, the entire time we were there.”

How Do You Know If Your Hotel Room Is Bed Bug Free?

Whenever staying at any hotel it is always recommended to inspect your hotel room for bed bugs no matter how many “star ratings” it has. It may take only 5 minutes out of your time but you will thank yourself later when you do the inspection.

Before doing an inspection, make sure to place all your luggage on luggage racks. Make sure that you never place your luggage on the mattress because they bed bugs might crawl into your suitcase and then you bring them back home with you.

Top Priorities To Inspect First For Bed Bugs

  1. Mattress
  2. Box Springs
  3. Pillows & Pillowcases
  4. Sofa & Cushions
  5. Recliners & Chairs
  6. Bed Posts & Wooden Frame

What To Look For

  1. Black Stains (Bed Bugs Feces)
  2. Red Stains (Our Blood)
  3. Bed Bug Exoskeletons (Shells)

If you are experiencing a possible bed bug issue in your home and not sure how to inspect your home for bed bugs here is a comprehensive bed bug inspection guide that will provide you with all the steps from start to finish on how to get rid of bed bugs from your home or workplace.

Please comment below if you have another other helpful ideas and suggestions to help others that may be dealing with a bed bug infestation.